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The Thinking Dancer Topic 2: Turn out Exercises

Hi! The other day Aster was asking me what exercises she can do to strengthen so that she can keep her supporting leg turned out while the working leg's moving. So here's some links to exercises we can do to strengthen inner thigh and butt muscles....remember we only wana activate the inner thighs and outer butt okie? =P

Inner Thigh Exercise
Inner Thigh exercise

Butt Exercise
Yoga Cat Stretch Variation
Do the "Cat Stretch Variation"...but do it with turn out...we don't wana work the top of the butt yeah.

Side Leg Lifts

Standing Side Leg Lifts
This one can be done with a theraband for extra resistance:
Standing Side Leg Lifts with theraband

There are many other exercises...just tt I hafnt found all in the internet yet hehe...anyone with more good exercises please send the links to me!

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