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Getting to GWCC in Ten Steps

1. Turn left after coming out from Kallang MRT gantry

2. Outside the station, roll down the ramp and continue to roll straight...just before u roll onto the road at the end, turn left.

3. Go straight until u reach the traffic light just before a bus stop.

4. Cross the road
5. Go straight agaaaaiiinnn.....till u reach the end den.....

6. Turn right! Note the area marked in red "Block 11"...just in case u get lost =P

7. Walk straight for another like 15 steps...den u can turn left to cross the road

8. Turn right after crossing

9. Walk straight all the way until...

10. You see GWCC!!!

1 comment:

bf said...

wow, thanks so much for the effort to lead us the way to gwcc! i'm thinking of signing up for lev 1 basic at gwcc. how i wish the basic class's available at cairnhill too. your blog's super cool <3