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Open House Hoorays

Audience Participation Demonstration for Tendus =P

'The Swan' Port de Bras Item

Refreshments time!

Edna: yay! Open House is over! Kudos to everyone!! Khai for her SQ standard hairdos, Eli's husband for the upcoming pics, Yuli's beautiful foot, Khai's silent jumps and many many more! not enough space here! but whatever it is, everyone harness our strengths to make this a success!
Thanks to Mendy for helping with my eye makeup.

Khai: Hey girls, for those who think its 'too late' to join ballet, just to let you know that I'm 27, married and is currently in Joni's Level 1 ballet class...and I LOVE IT! ;p

1 comment:

Khai said...

Hey hey..you're most welcome Edna. It was a record-breaker to do 10 SQ-buns on 10 different heads other than mine in under 1 hour! Anyway it was all good fun gals..:)