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Pictures of Ballet BBQ National Day 9th Aug '08

setting up the "almost successful shelter" at 4.30pm. it soon started raining...and we were kinda drenched...

finally the rain stopped..i tink this was abt 5.30. good ting baosheng (the half-guy on the right of this picture) found the "mini-bbq pit" so we could start the fire first. wenyang's there on the left...the mr clean-freak tending to the charcoal..what an irony =P

the girl in red's edna...she's posing at the satays cooked over the mini-pit

do you noe the satay man?

i just enjoy =P

yucky fingers must stay away from me...aaaahhhh


i look like i'm posing for a courtesy campaign

I duno what edna's doing..sorry my dear student for the unglam pic..but ah well..BBQs are meant to be unglam!!

wenyang and i weren't ready to pose!! oh man..this photo's so funny i cant stop luffing..

still not ready...fidgety people here....


our mummies

ah beng meeting

I forgot why we luffed until lidat. I tink its coz wenyang told tina dun eat the chicken if its bloody...den she said "nvm lah..so dark i cant see..just eat lah" We discovered the piggy! coming up: more pics of the piggy in action...

She's still eating. for your info, she came down from a family dinner earlier..

This photo wasnt choreographed

tina is still eating


prize-giving ceremony

and last but not least, tina eating!

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