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Ballet BBQ on National Day 9th Aug '08

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Thanks to everyone for coming and making our ballet BBQ a successfully fun event! It rained like crazy at the beginning...but thank goodness it cleared in time for us to haf a nice BBQ.

Special thanks to:
~ Yuli and her bf (Robbie) who came early to help set up the place with me and wenyang. u'll see how important our "setting up" was in the pics later haha. and later they did alot of the BBQ-ing while i just happily ate =P
~ Bao Sheng for also coming early with the charcoal and firestarters and oso helping out wif the setting up. he was the one who found a small metal container and started the first fire in the shelter along wif wenyang in the shelter while it was raining.
~ Akemi who walked the wrong way down the beach...all the way to I think Pit no. 1. and perservered looking for the place, finally walking all the way back to pit no. 61 on the other side of the beach. i tink she muz haf covered like 5km++
~ Jacqueline who brought so much fruits even though she has a bad back and bad knees. she also walked all the way to the toilet to bring back water for us to wash hands and stuff. (the walk is roughly a total of 15-20mins)
~ Melissa tai for her hard work of marinating the 50 chicken wings..and leaving so early she couldnt even taste it!
~ Tina for coming down even though she ended her family dinner late....and yes..she helped to finish alot of the remainders so we didnt need to carry home too much. she's a wonderful piggy!
~ Emilia, tina and agnes for staying behind till 11pm to help with the clearing up
~ Wenyang for helping me frm the very minute I thought of having a BBQ...to the last moments of washing the icebox and trolley after the whole event...
~ And to all who came and BBQ-ed and ate!!!

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