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Beginner Class 3rd Lesson Notes

1. Ronds de Jambe a terre en dehor and en dedan
~ ronds de jambe = round of the leg
~ a terre = on the "earth" (which means floor)
~ en dehor = outwards
~ en dedan = inwards
2. Battement Fondu
~ fondu = melt
fondu is similar to a plie, except its like a plie done on one leg.
during this exercise, the working foot is brought up to petit retire position (at ankle bone height)

Terms used for step/body direction:
1. en croix -- in the shape of a cross or crucifix (eg. battement tendu en croix)
2. en face -- facing the audience
3. en croise -- crossed (crossed position facing the corner)
4. en ouvert -- open (open position facing the corner)

Arabesque Positions:
1st, 2nd and 3rd Position. I use RAD classification of arabesque positions...thank goodness or we will have more positions to remember haha!

A term I commonly use during exercises:
~ disengage
*note regarding "degage":
- english schools (mainly what i refer to in class) use this term for a movement or step where weight placement is on one supporting leg while the other leg is at a "disengaged" position.
- other schools use the term "degage" for a movement similar to battement tendu, but with the foot slightly lifted off the floor. this is called battement glisse in the english syllabus.

Here's a vid i particularly love which i found in youtube...tendus demystified!!!

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