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Overseas Leotard and other dancewear orders

I've been looking out for good and affordable dancewear overseas...so far this is the best if we wana combine orders to ship in....coz it goes by weight and not fixed rate. this oso has pretty good and cheap items...they haf in-house brand so leotards are relatively cheaper even though its not on sale.

Dance Distributors Website

Shipping Costs

There are other places like http://www.dancewearsolutions.com/ and http://www.discountdance.com, but shipping rates are priced according to how much you order...the more you order, the cheaper the ratio..but not very worth it....for orders up to US$50, you hafta pay about US$50 for shipping...which is a little crazy haha.

But I've recently ordered stuff and sent it to my friend who studies in US...its about US$7-8 for within US shipping...den he'll pass it to me when he comes back to S'pore during the hols. We may consider using this method...though we may have to consider giving him a token sum for helping us...i've yet to ask him though. Or maybe anyone who has friends who travel can help too!

I'm really excited about getting leos from overseas...its like the really good brands that are on sale are cheaper than s'pore leos! and the quality...whoa!!


Khai said...

Helloooo..well, if u guys know of any dance attire shops in Europe, especially UK you can just let me know coz I've got family there and will most prob move over some time this year, so I can be your personal 'shipper'. haha

mui said...

Hi, I read about your interest in dancewear from overseas. I love them too, and only buy leotards from overseas, including the 2 websites that you have stated. Hopefully this is good news to you: I am currently in the process of setting up an online shop to sell imported dancewear in Singapore. In the effort to plan my purchases, I am carrying out a survey to find out the general preferences of consumers here. I am also offering a discount to all participants of the survey on commencement of business. Please pass this message around, anyone who is interested to participate in the survey and get the discount can just drop me an email and I will send the soft copy of survey form to them. Thanks!