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Men's Gymnastics Video

haha..ok..not really ballet..but still...its so nice and synchronised! An especially important thing for us to think about as we prepare for our open house on 12th dec. no matter how "small" you think your role is...you're important. every single performer contributes to the intended effect seen by the audience. if anyone thinks that she isn't important and decides that she doesn't have to look as "nice" as the rest, the performance wouldn't be the same.

from an audience's point of view...we like to watch a performance as a whole...shapes and emotions created by a group of dancers moving in unity. if one fails to keep up, the audience will get distracted. if only the "main cast" dance well...the audience will only focus on the good ones...missing the whole point of an item. so...lets learn from these guys...and do our best! =P

1 comment:

indiana said...

I'm very glad to see your group gymdance