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The Thinking Dancer Topic 4 ~ Articles on Hyperextension

I've always been thinking about hyperextension but never got round to researching on it. My teacher always encouraged keeping heels together in first position..and I thought she was being fussy in the past until I became a teacher...and it all makes sense now! I've been controlling my own minimal hyperextension quite successfully, and corrected students with more pronounced hyperextensions.

I read an article by Lisa Howell recently and that was only when I got more concerned about my student's hyperextensions. Since there're so many articles online already..I think I can sit back and let you guys do the clicking =P

Dance Teacher Magazine

Wandering Apricot's Blog

Deborah Vogel's Dancing Smart Newsletter

Dance.net -- Little Moomoo's post (has useful tips on feet exercises as well)

1 comment:

Deborah Vogel said...

Thanks for mentioning my site and Dancing Smart Newsletter! I am inspired by dancers like you who decide they are going to dance despite the odds - and educate themselves to do so. Warmest wishes for a continued successful teaching career. Your students are lucky to have you! Best, Deborah Vogel