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The Thinking Dancer Topic 3 ~ Centre Stage Vid..and my thoughts on GLISSADES

Here u go Si Hui! this is the centre stage vid i asked u you to watch =P

hehe..this article is for those who have been taking RAD technique that prefers that feet should stay in contact with the floor when you do glissades. tt's technically right, and good for whatever RAD's syllabus has intended. but different schools have different schools of thought right?

From my point of view, basic glissades for beginners should be in contact with or at least only slightly off the floor. after the beginner's stage of correct placement and technique, we move on to inserting glissades into quick allegro steps. and that's where we emphasize on keeping in time with the fast music, and artistically speaking, having BOTH FEET OFF THE FLOOR for a "hangtime" effect. if you're still faithful to what's been drilled into you billions of times since you were young, by all means stick to it...thats IF you can keep up with Joni's allegro =P


SiHui said...

OMG Joni!

You make me sound so... :(
I was not drilled to do glissades that sticks to the floor. I merely know i had to slide here and there with 2 feet pointed and stretch when i transfer my weight over.

In fact, i only got to know that RAD syllabus had its glissades that sticks to the floor like about 1 yr ago after IF exams. That is when i had a hard time trying to change glissades to sticking to the floor. :(

,..--***--..,,..--***--..,,..--***--..,,..--***--.., said...

Oh no...sorry sihui i didn't mean to say YOU were drilled this way. i meant to say that the video was for you my dear haha!

keep those questions coming..its good..so i know what my students think, as well as so that my students know what i think as well! and also so that i can write more articles =P

ok..i think i'll edit the post a little so that it won't sound like i'm only talking to sihui haha. I'm giving my thoughts on what i see of what i see in alot of dancers, as well as different schools of thought in dance technique.

my apologies sihui!