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Happy Teacher's Day!!!

I felt so old receiving all the teachers day gifts haha! nyway...thanks to all who gave me those sweet presents and wishes. decided to take pics of the things i got for my very first tcher's day hehe...so so so sweet..i'm like so touched!!!

E-card frm Mel Teo. it was a really really hilarious ecard!!! i replayed it like crazy hahahaha!

From my Saturday and Sunday Classes

This one has my name...with an extra letter "e" on it ehhehehe..."e" for extraodinary? =PPppPP

The funny card on the left made me laugh from saturday till sunday. and i'm still laughing ahha! my name is "iTon".... sssoooo cute!!!!

okie...i love my first teacher's day ehhehe...thanks to all who made it so memorable!! =P I love you guys!!!

1 comment:

SiHui said...

Hahaha... Cant believe we have the same thoughts of taking the pictures of our teachers day presents! I guess the best present is not those gifts, but rather those cards, right? :D
I had a drawing of Mermaid(i think i intend to frame it up!). So sweet! Look forward to your second year teachers day! :)

PS. Bring big plastic bag along during teachers day. If not, u will regret! :D