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1. What do I wear for my first beginner class if I don't have ballet attire?
Recommended Attire
For beginners/first day, a close-fitting stretchable top and stretchable pants (no longer than knee length).
Beginner level students do not have to get the ballet attire for the first term. The first one or two lessons will be done on barefoot.

2. Where can I buy my ballet attire from?
(Optional for beginners): Ballet Shops

3. What should guys wear for class?
If you want to be strictly well-dressed, you can get a guy's leotard from the ballet shops. Pair it with above knee length bicycle pants or above knee length jazz style pants.

If you're not really comfortable with that (and I feel all adults should feel comfortable while dancing), the following example is acceptable:

4. I am ___ years old..is it too late for me to start now?
It's never too late to learn! Ballet included =P. I started ballet at 15 yrs, and thought I was too old. I now have students up to 40-50 yrs old. The main thing is to know what your goals are in learning ballet. Is it to dance as a hobby? Or to fulfil your dream to be a professional ballet dancer?
In Singapore, if you're female, about 16yrs and above and have no previous dance background, it may indeed be too late to become a professional dancer in a company (though there's a slim chance you may just succeed if you enrol full-time). For males, its a different story..I've heard of quite a number starting at 20yrs and making it as professional dancers.
If your main aim is to dance as a hobby, keep fit and get a good posture, starting ballet shouldnt be a problem at any age. However, if you've had past injuries or a weak joint area, do let your ballet teacher know so he/she would be able to watch out for steps which may be difficult or too strenuous for you.

5. Can adult beginners take exams?
It's definitely possible. However, I feel adult ballet shd be free frm exams =P. you're taking up ballet as something you've always wanted to do. learning to dance should bring you joy in itself!

Its true that we sometimes want that certificate to feel a sense of achievement, but what I would like for all late starters is to just have fun learning and dancing with your friends. You'll still reach a certain standard of dancing regardless of whether you take an exam anyway, so why stress yourself out for?

From my own experience, I wanted to do exams because my aim was to get into an arts school and go professional. Well I eventually went to NUS and got a degree in psychology instead, but the ballet exams came in handy for me to get a proper certification to be a teacher. So moral of the story is: exams aren't all that important unless you need them to get into another school or become a teacher etc etc.
But if u do have a strong wish for "self-actualisation", please do let your teacher know so he/she would be able to point you towards the direction you can take. I do take requests for exams, but only for strong ones and those who can commit their time, sweat and blood =P

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