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Level 1 and 2 class changes and placement sessions for newcomers

Hi all!

New Level 1 Goals to reach:
1. Ability to coordinate upper body movement freely with lower body movement
2. Ability to follow exercises with minimal mistakes (or at least faking it thru smoothly)
3. Ability to learn new steps quickly (by means of applying basic steps learnt earlier into the learning of new steps)
4. No need for correction of basics (eg. sickling, rounded arms, turn out)

I'm thinking of moving the Level 2 classes to Cairnhill CC near Newton MRT...weekday nights. Need at least 5 people to register before I can get approval to start the course at the CC. This level 2 class will be of a higher standard as compared to the present level 2 (where I still spoon-feed and break down steps haha). Therefore, the list of people who can move over are:
- Pei Wen
- Lynette
- Winnie
The rest will remain at Kampong Chai Chee Saturday 8.30-9.30pm Level 1 Intermediate as we polish up more. If all goes well, I'll set up an extra Grade 5 syllabus class by the end of this year...venue not confirmed but all are welcomed! The syllabus class would be good for those who need drilling =P

Current Level 2 Classes held at Kampong Chai Chee CC (Sundays 8.15-9.45pm) will double up as placement classes for any newcomers interested in joining the new term at Cairnhill CC on weekday nights. Please spread the message so we can quickly get numbers to form the new class. Thanks!

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