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Getting to KPCC from Bedok MRT in 10 steps!

1. From the MRT gantry, go down the escalator and turn right.

2. When you exit from the mrt, u'll see this scene:
Turn left along this sheltered walkway and...

3. Walk straighttttttttttt

4. Continue walking straight along the shelter...there's a hawker centre on the right if you're hungry hehe...

5. Cross the road towards the red building (called Princess). There's a MacDonald's there if you're STILL hungry muahaha...

6. Cut through Princess by walking along the Eastern Specialist Centre...

7. Cross the road and turn left. You'll see many staircases...u can use any staircase EXCEPT the first staircase....the first staircase will just take u up a very long way..up and up the hill hahaha.

8. If you use the 2nd staircase, this is wat you'll see. walk through the whole length of HDB blocks..

9. Somewhere at the end u'll see a sheltered walkway. walk to it!

10. KPCC!!!!!

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