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26th Jan '08 Beginner Class notes (2nd lesson)

Barre Exercises
1. Demi-plies
2. Rises
3. Battement Tendu

Centre Exercises
1. Port de bra
2. Plies and rises
3. Sautes (jumps) in 1st and 2nd position
--> remember that all jumps should begin and end in a good turned out demi-plie with knees over your toes. make sure that the heel does not leave the floor in your demi-plie position...this is to allow you to stretch out your achilles tendon and prevent any injury from tensing muscles.
4. Reverance

Here are some pictures (thanks to photographer, Chester Tan) of how fingers should look like in a port de bra or any position of the arms:

fingers should be relaxed yet strong with energy flowing out through them. there are many other pictures on the internet but i cant post them here just in case of copyright and all tt stuff...do check them out when u're free =P

yup...and here's a youtube link with music for you to practise your sautes!

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