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Beginner Class 20th October '07

Hi all, trust u guys had fun pairing up and torturing each other during glisses? and stork walks! hehe...u can (and shd make it a habit) to walk ard the house on demi-pointe to help with your balance and body awareness....you can even balance on demi pointe while brushing your teeth =P

nyways here are saturday's notes...study hard!!

Preventing Sickling of the foot:
- keep thinking heels forward
- For derriere foot, imagine you can only allow that little bit of skin next to your big toe nail to touch the floor.
- For devant foot, try to get your big toe touching the floor as much as possible

1. Grand Plies in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th. Remember to keep your weight right in the centre. 4th position wasnt taught yet coz its more challenging. (Homework: try to read up on technique and learn how to do a grand plie in 4th position on your own. But pls dun push yourselves too hard..stop when you feel any pain..no injuries please! Next lesson tell me why you think 4th position is hard =P)
2. Battement Glisses -- 1cm off the floor! and don't try to lift your feet off the floor...all you need to do is to push down to get your feet up. Geddit? haah...
3. Battement Fondu -- peel your foot off the floor and slide it up your supporting foot.
4. Cou de pied position -- find out what this means!

okie..i tink tt's all the new steps we did? let me know if i've forgotten anyting.

seeya next saturday!

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