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Beginner Class 1st September '07

Okie...this is to help jog your memories for what we've done so far...research time again! If you guys find any youtube videos in relation to what we've learnt tag them pls! =P

~ Plie
~ Battement Tendu
~ Battement Glisse
~ Ronds de Jambe a terre
~ Battement Fondu
~ Retire Passe and Releve
~ Transfer of weight (temps lie and chasse)
~ Developpe
~ Grand Battement

~ Port de bra
~ Chasse
~ Classical Walks
~ Jumps in first, second and fifth position.

A gentle reminder: Please come at least 10minutes earlier for class and start doing your warm up (inclusive of 2 sets of 20 slow roll-ups and 8 per side retire turn-out exercises)

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